Individual Senior Moments

Individual Senior Moments

At this time, there are about 13 to 14 million seniors who live alone. Some by choice, and others who have outlived family and friends.

I am working hard to go keto or even carnivore to reverse or mitigate chronic disease, in my case, diabetes.

Two visits to Cici’s Pizza left me sick and crapping my brains out.

I got this down to beef, bacon, butter, and eggs yesterday.

What amazes me is that people are trying to keep up spending during retirement instead of going minimalist and cutting unnecessary expenses.

After a stroke, I took a job to keep my brain active. I also began walking 1.5 miles to and from work to give myself a base exercise program.

My biggest expense is rent which is about $1100 a month. I have Medicare and Medicaid and a small Social Security income.

My next largest expense is food which runs about $600 a month, primarily for meat. I currently receive $255 monthly from my health insurance for food and OTC medicines.

Even though I have excellent health care and free medications, my main concern is to reverse diabetes and to get myself off the diabetes drugs.

Why are we still clinging to the idea of retirement?

Most of us no longer work at physically demanding jobs for 40 or 50 years for the privilege of living a broken-down life for a few years after age 65.

I need to develop into a destination for building up seniors’ physical, emotional, and financial lifestyles.

Since I have to do it for myself, I can share my insights and results with others.

I work 40 hours per week remotely from home, leaving plenty of time to build the websites.

I do all of my cooking. I eat keto and/or carnivore each day now, and not giving in to carb attacks.

I may start doing reviews of sites that sell to seniors. Most people want recommendations on the best products at good prices.


Are we seniors, older adults, or just OldFartAlphas. We have many years left, but we have to put life in those years.

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